Friday, May 6, 2016

Being a Mother is....

Being a mother gives me great joy.  It is an experience for which a job description cannot completely encompass all being a mother entails.  

Being a Mother is trying to make sure all the bills are paid with less. 

Being a Mother is being a doctor and nurse.

Being a Mother is being a lawyer, advocate, and activist for your children's well-being.

Being a Mother means covering your children in prayer.

Being a Mother sometimes means we couldn't possibly understand being in love or understanding heartbreak...really?

Being a Mother means children think you don't understand growing up and wanting to live life on your own terms.  Was I born a mother? 

Being a Mother is being misunderstood.  Our children don't always understand the decisions we have to make.

Being a Mother is joy at the birth of a child to the anguish of losing a child.  

My Military Babies

Being a mother is worrying about your children while they are away from home.  Two of my children went off to the Iraq war, and I slept with my phone waiting for them to call when they could. I couldn't watch the news or anything about the war because of  fear.

Being a Mother is always being there to step in when needed and sometimes when not needed.

Being a Mother is being everything the world isn't.

Being a Mother is pushing your children to be their best for themselves and pray they understand when they get older.

Being a Mother is unconditional love.

Being a Mother is fighting cancer with all you have to see them grow up.

Being a Mother is trying to be a role model, even if your past is not so great. We always want our children to be better than us.
My girls 4-16yrs old

Being a Mother is crying in secret because it hurts to see your children make costly mistakes.

Being a Mother means accepting your children for who they are and not what we want them to be.

My Girls grew up
Being a Mother means supporting your children's dreams.

Being a Mother means receiving unconditional love.
Being a Mother is mothering children that are not your own.

Mema and her Glam-babies
Being a Mother means becoming a grandmother, the crowning glory to motherhood.

There is so much more to being a mother that I wanted to write but, it's emotional for me.   

Whatever being mother is for you, I hope that it is filled with joy, laughter, love, learning lessons and togetherness.  I hope that your family sees the beauty in you every day and not just Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to every woman. Giving birth to a child isn't the only way to be a mother but, loving a child is. Be Blessed!

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